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Springs are one of the most common parts used to break on the garage doors. On residential doors, they have many varies types and sizes depend on the door type, size, and weight. Springs have varies types; torsion spring is the most common spring attached to a tube shaft across the door; torque master spring is spring(s) inside a torque tube across the door with a special cable;  stretch spring attached to either both bottom of the door or beside the top track.

Residential springs usually have 10,000 cycles of a lifetime. When one spring break, the customer does have the option to replace one spring, but for multiple springs door, we recommend to replace all springs because of all springs were installed at the same time.

Correctly installed spring(s) should be able to let a person lift the door after the opener has detached. Spring and connected parts contain extremely high tension, operate with the wrong procedure may cause serious injury or death.

Please contact us when your spring has broken. 

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